323 employees participate in training on gambling addiction and the provision of informational support

Publicēts: 15.03.2022

On 21-25 February employees of Fenikss gaming halls participated in training on how to help customers at risk of gambling addiction.

The aim of the training programme is:

  • to develop the knowledge and skills of gaming hall employees to recognize gambling addiction
  • to offer timely and appropriate assistance to customers whose behavior shows signs of gambling addiction

The training program for employees consists of focused video lectures developed by the association "Esi brīvs" in collaboration with a group of experienced experts consisting of narcologists, psychiatrists, and addiction specialists. In addition, employees received guidelines and infographics on how to engage appropriately with problematic players.

In the first stage of the training program, the managers of the Fenikss gaming halls learned about the development of gambling addiction, its manifestation, and treatment, as well as developed practical communication skills with problem gamblers.

Ms. Dace Caica, the head of the training programme's expert group says: “I am pleased that a unique project has been implemented in Latvia - to create not only theoretical but also practical guidelines for Fenikss gaming hall employees and managers on helping customers at risk of gambling addiction. The managers of the gaming halls have completed a programme with practical training under the supervision of specialists, learning the steps of offering information assistance in accordance with the assessment of the client's situation. By monitoring the client's gaming habits, employees will now be able to recognize certain signs of risky behavior and will be prepared to offer information on gambling addiction."