"Admirāļu klubs" LCC was added to "Alfor" LCC

Publicēts: 08.01.2024

At the turn of the year, "Admirāļu klubs" LLC was added to "Alfor" LLC. Customers will not feel the reorganization of the company, because the gaming halls of "Admirāļu klubs" LLC continue to work in the structure of "Alfor" LLC and the offered entertainment services are available as before.

Cooperation partners will also not be affected by the reorganization, as "Alfor" LLC takes over the rights and obligations of "Admirāļu klubs" LLC.

"Admirālu klubs" LLC was founded in 1995 and was one of the first gambling entertainment companies in Latvia. In 2008, SIA "Foroms" and the company "Austrian Gaming Industries GmbH" of the "Novomatic" group became the owners of the "Admirāļu klubs" LLC.

At the moment, after reorganization of “Admirāļu klubs" LLC, "Alfor" LLC employs 692 employees and provides leisure opportunities in 72 "Fenikss" entertainment venues throughout Latvia.