Artificial intelligence and big data help identify and reduce gambling addiction

Publicēts: 20.10.2021

Starting from June 28th, Alfor LLC’s online gaming platform Fenikss Casino has a new player protection tool that allows you to detect and limit excessive play.

Gambling operators in more than 40 countries use a player protection system developed by data science and programming company Neccton, which uses artificial intelligence to analyze large amounts of information about players' behavior (such as stakes, time spent, contributions and costs).  It allows to identify problem players and provides notifications and alerts to be sent to identified players.

In addition, the player protection system provides personalized reports on the amount of deposits made, costs, frequency and duration of play. It is important that it allows the player to take a reality check, which makes it possible to check and compare whether the notion of the funds used in the game coincides with the actual one.

The Neccton tool has been available to all users of the Fenikss Casino platform since June 28.  "We are very pleased to be able to offer one of the best player protection tools in the industry. Our players will have access to comprehensive information about their game, costs and time spent, which will strengthen responsible gaming habits on the Fenikss Casino platform”, emphasizes Līva Biseniece, Alfor LLC’s Corporate Communications and Social Responsibility Manager.

Dr. Michael Auer of Neccton emphasizes:  "The player protection system we have developed is based on long-term research experience. We started researching gambling 15 years ago and have published many studies on player protection and responsible gaming. This experience allows us to offer gambling operators a system that exceeds the requirements of the regulator and ensures the safety and loyalty of players”.

The recently opened Fenikss gaming halls are also waiting for players, having installed the updated player protection protocol: all gaming halls have a player Self-Rejection Register application form, a gambling addiction self-test, information on the free psychological helpline at the Skalbes crisis center. There is also a regular audio statement about a safe game that sounds in the gaming halls.

During the downtime, Alfor LLC has developed a technology that provides for voluntary registration of visitors and electronic player cards, the implementation of which will begin in the near future.  This will allow a more detailed analysis of information about players' habits and better identification of players at risk. The development of a specialized employee training program has also been launched to supplement employees' knowledge of gambling addiction and to develop skills for appropriate communication with problem gamblers.