Raimonds Tirners

Executive Director

Raimonds is responsible for the implementation and operational management of the company's business strategy. Raimonds is in charge of operational management of the Alfor group companies not only in Latvia but also in Estonia.

Dace Konrade

Chief Financial Officer

Dace is in charge of the long-term planning and control of the company's finances, management of the accounting department, as well as the provision of financial statements and audits in accordance with the requirements of the Latvian legislation and Novomatic Group.

Gita Domoracka

Head of Legal Department

Gita, with the team, provides legal support for the day-to-day activities of the companies, defines the legal position of the Alfor group in the legislative field, and coordinates the representation of the interests of the companies in the judiciary.

Martins Opmanis

Head of I-Gaming Department

Martiņš leads the development of interactive gaming services for the Alfor group companies. Along with recognized and trusted international partners, Martiņš is in charge of creating entertaining and responsible gambling platforms for our clients in Latvia and Estonia.