Purvītis Prize 2023 exhibition opens at the Latvian National Art Museum 

Publicēts: 06.04.2023

From 1 April to 11 June, the Purvītis Prize exhibition, supported by ALFOR for the eighth time, can be seen at the Latvian National Art Museum. We invite everyone to the most anticipated event in the visual arts of the year!

The exhibition featutes six artists and groups of artists nominated by experts of the Purvītis Award 2023 for the best performance in visual arts in 2021 and 2022. 
Founded in the early 2008, the Purvītis Prize was launched to amass regular and systematic information about the latest visual arts events in Latvia, promote development of new projects and original ideas, acknowledge the best achievements in Latvian professional visual arts and promote the success of Latvian artists both in Latvia and abroad.

The Prize is awarded biennially to an artist or a group of artists representing Latvia with an outstanding work, which is deemed to be deeply connected to the developments of the era and forming a bridge between contemporary life, spiritual ideals and intrinsic values. The author rated highest by a panel of experts and a special international jury is selected as the winner. 

The award is given every two years. The amount of the prize is 28,500 EUR (including taxes) and it is supported by ALFOR.

More about the prize here