We welcome visitors to the new entertainment place in Riga

Publicēts: 08.08.2023

On Friday, August 4, the Fenikss game hall at 48/50 Brīvības Street, located in the building of the four-star hotel ASTON HOTEL RIGA, reopened its doors to visitors.

The game hall is spread over two floors with 57 game machines. On the hall's second floor, there are several latest version Diamond X™ gaming machines with 1.55-inch UHD touch screens, exquisite LED silhouette and other details, and an indirect LED lighting concept, which offers an unprecedented gaming experience and feeling.

The hall on the first floor is characterized by the recognizable style and design of Fenikss - well-known gaming equipment and a comfortable, cosy bar with a lounge area. On the other hand, the second floor is more suited to a modern interior with an original bar, unique lighting, and a selection of drinks.

The game hall has two entrances - on the first floor from the main hall's entrance and on the second floor - through the ASTON HOTEL RIGA Lounge Fenikss bar.

You are welcome to spend your free time and enjoy adventures of the games in Fenikss gaming hall and Lounge Fenikss bar on Brīvības Street 48/50, Riga!