Responsible gambling

Our philosophy is that any activity to which people devote their time should take up a reasonable part of their lives - excessive engagement in any of them (work, entertainment, shopping, food or anything else) will cause harm to self and to others.

For this reason the “Fenikss Laimētava” gambling halls comply with recognized principles of responsible gambling - our employees are trained to act in cases the guests are too distracted with the game and it affects their well-being, also every guest has the opportunity to learn more about the principles of responsible gambling in our gambling halls.

In all “Fenikss Laimētava” gambling halls there are booklets on responsible gambling available, prepared with the support of the gambling addiction specialist, psychotherapist Ināra Vārpa, and more information can be found here -

On the website you can complete a test and learn whether you are too carried away with gambling and also learn where to go, if you have such a problem.

The website also provides information on simple self-help strategies on what to do if a person feels that he is getting carried away. There is also information for the loved ones who don’t know how to help people suffering from addiction.

“Alfor” reminds - enjoy yourselves responsibly without hurting yourselves or your loved ones!